Laurel Osterkamp
Intimate, snarky, and completely relatable, American Angst is about
two women grappling with love and pregnancy, sex and careers —
while attempting self-discovery in a crazy world.

Lucy needs to save her family. Robin needs to save herself. These
tightly interwoven stories chart their growth as they make their way
through Thanksgiving dinners, bad breakups, celebrity scandals
and political campaigns. For laughter through tears, don’t miss
American Angst, whether you’re new to these characters or you
think of them as old friends.

(Included in this collection are Lucy’s posts about the 2012
election, which were originally seen on her liberal blog, There’s new, additional material!
Spoiler: Obama still wins.)
The Perfect Summer Read from Award-Winning Author, Laurel Osterkamp
Praise from Amazon readers:
"A memorable book if you're looking for a thoughtful,
contemporary story about self-discovery." -Ms. Jess, Amazon
"Osterkamp uses lyrical prose and excellent character
development, and I couldn't stop reading it." -edwardse, Amazon
"The author's talent for writing dramatic scenes lightened with
comedy was well-displayed again." -Jolie Jacq, Amazon reader
"If you love drama and humor, surprise and sorrow, you won't
want to miss
American Angst." -Saved, Amazon Reader
"Witty dialogues and delicate humor kept me hooked." -Maria,
Amazon reader