Laurel Osterkamp
Kindle Scout selected
The Standout
Laurel's new Robin Bricker novel
for publication by Kindle Press!
First Robin gets the email with its
simple demand: dump your fiancé or
else. Then someone puts up the
slanderous Rotten Robin Website that
threatens to crush her chances to win
The Standout, a ballet-themed,
fashion reality show.

Surrounded by backstabbing
co-contestants and haunted by
mysterious ghosts from her past,
Robin can't trust anyone, including
herself. This psychological thriller is
about love, betrayal, tall buildings,
and finding the courage to jump.
The Standout is a follow-up to
Laurel's two rave-reviewed
Robin Bricker novels:
, and The Next
.  The Robin Bricker
books can be read and
enjoyed in any order
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I am a Laurel Osterkamp fan, and I've read most of her
books, so I was eagerly awaiting the chance to read
The Standout and revisit Robin, Nick, Lucy, Monty, and
many of the deliciously flawed characters that appear
in the world she's created with her books. I really
enjoyed The Standout, and I loved how Laurel wove
plot lines from famous ballets into the overriding
mystery of the book: who is cyber-stalking Robin, and
is it the same person who is out to sabotage her
chance to win the fashion reality TV show The
Standout? Laurel has done a great job (and this is
kind of her hallmark, IMO) of breaking down modern
relationships as they are created, as they fall apart,
and as they're repaired, showing us a picture, often, of
ourselves, at the same time as she drives a
suspenseful plot line forward, and I think the The
Standout is her most suspenseful novel to date.
Personally, I enjoy teetering on the edge of
reality/fantasy and never really knowing what is in a
character's head or is tainted by their belief or
perspective and what is real, and that was an element I
appreciated in this book. I was surprised that Zelda
was picked up as one of the POVs, and she was
probably the character I got the least out of, but I
think she will really appeal to younger readers. I found
myself hoping for Robin each time the POV changed.
Looking forward to the next novel by Laurel!"
--Pamela Fagin Hutchins, award-winning, bestselling
author of the Katie & Annalise series.
Amazon customer reviews:
5 Stars. "The cast of characters are so real and flawed that
you can imagine that they are people you know. The
conclusion to this was so very unexpected and made me love
this story even more!"
5 Stars! "This was a good book. It has a fast pace that keeps
you reading to find out more. The characters are
interesting....I would recommend this book to any one who
enjoys suspense thrillers."
5 Stars! "Laurel Osterkamp is a talented writer. She weaves
an interesting story with characters that are relatable and
well-developed. This was my first novel by Osterkamp, but I
can assure you it will not be my last. Anyone with interests in
fashion, reality TV or just a great read is going to appreciate
this book."
5 Stars! "Once I started The Standout I did not put it down.
A gripping and enjoyable page turner!"
5 Stars! "I love the relationships, the suspense, and the
ballet references in this fabulous book!"