Reviews of Starring in the Movie of My Life
4 Star RT Book Reviews Rating
Two stories collide in this novel that deals with
acceptance, love and revenge. From a mature woman
with a huge heart to a cold, calculating young girl, this
story offers everything from romance to betrayal. The
fast-moving plot is a bit on the explicit side, and there's
a heroine and a villain to love and despise respectively.
This story will stick with you long after it's come to an
Amy Lignor, RT Book Reviews, February 2011
2011 Award-winning finalist:
  • National Indie Excellence Book
    Awards (Chick-Lit)
  • International Book Awards
    (Women's Fiction & Young Adult
"Starring In The Movie Of My Life was immensely
involving. The chapters switched from Samantha
to Melody’s point of view and several flashbacks
were placed to explain how they got to were
they are now.
This is a character study of 2 women who are
decades apart.  Although they have a different
approach and outlook in life, they both strive for
happiness but when they actually execute their
life plan things start to fall apart.  In the end
and despite having several movie references, the
story is still about life.  It was about regular
people who have made their life choices. In the
end,  it’s about  life, decisions and what  the
characters make it out to be – there’s no right
or wrong.
I truly enjoyed Laurel’s writing and I am looking
forward to her next book."
Pia Bernardino, So Many Books, Here's
, June 21, 2012
"I’m not one for giving out 5 stars all willy-nilly. I am deadly serious about my 5 star rating and have
only given out two so far this year. Pretend you can see my serious face. Okay? Well, I am giving my
third 5 star rating for this incredible and surprising novel by a new favorite author, Laurel Osterkamp.
This story was so unexpected. I thought it was going to be light and fluffy, which is totally a good
thing, but it was dark and serious, an even better thing in the right circumstances. These were the right
These characters and their issues were so… I don’t even know… wild? Intense? Fascinating? Yes, let’s
go with fascinating. I was sucked into their stories from the very first page in which Melody is nearly
raped then rescued by Nate. For me, Melody was a difficult character, in that she was a total jerk and a
master manipulator, and I didn’t like her, yet, my heart went out for her… sometimes. Even though I
didn’t like her, I was captivated by her nonsense, total disregard for other people, and sense of
Sam was also frustrating in the sense that she has no idea what she wants, acts on total impulse, and
lacks ambition. But I liked her. She was a good person and I felt a lot of sympathy for her. Her chapters
are interesting because they flash a lot from past to present so that we end up getting the back story
on her and her ex, Collin, while also seeing her present life with Nate.
What’s funny is that while I was reading Melody’s chapters, I couldn’t wait to get back to Sam’s story,
and when I was reading Sam’s chapters, I couldn’t wait to get back to Melody’s story. That’s how great
this book was; I was totally captivated by both characters and raced through the pages to get to the
next chapter.
Not only was the story line SO. GOOD. The writing was, too. Laurel writes in a slow, subtle, quiet way.
It’s hard to explain, but it’s excellent and realistic, from both viewpoints.
I loved this book and I am now dying to read Laurel’s first novel, Following My Toes.
Don’t let the female protags scare you off if you’re not into women’s lit or chick lit. In fact, I would say
this book is not chick lit. This book has wide appeal, and is a great read for all fans of contemporary
fiction and drama. I highly recommend it. Read it now, please and thank you.
My Rating: 5/5", june 24, 2011
The story becomes a twisted and tangled mass
of deception, lies, heartache, and confusion. It
was hard to put down from the moment I started
it. The story weaves in and out of the past and
present and each chapter alternates between
Sam’s and Melody’s voices. I love the way Laurel
gives us enough background information on the
characters but manages to keep it relevant to the
present day story.
This book definitely took me by surprise and
really held my attention the whole way through.
If you are looking for a great read then this is it!
Melissa Patafio, Chick Lit Central, June 29,
5.0 out of 5 stars - A riveting romance and
drama, highly recommended
Midwest Book Review, April 2011.